Check This Out, Free Entertainment at Your Fingertips


Entertainment comes in many forms—television, radio, the big screen, books and live performance. This is, of course, the short list. Entertainment can be diverse and divisive, but most people participate in one or more of the forms listed above. The only real problem with any of the listed forms of amusement is cost—ranging from free (radio) to hundreds of dollars for a single ticket (live performance). However, I’d love to present an alternative: Check this out, free entertainment at your fingertips—your public library.

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The Realities of Doing my Taxes


So, I just finished my annual last minute dash finish line of the Tax Day Derby. You know what I’m talking about—it’s that yearly race that has more than it’s fair share of normally organized and meticulous financially minded folks who for whatever reason lose their focus (and maybe their minds just a little) and end up in a harrowing race toward April 15th. The unfortunate result is that things get missed in the rush. Yet again, I left a ton of deductions on the table.

My wife and I cut our 401k contributions at the beginning of 2015 because we were trying a specific debt eradication plan that called for this particular shift in saving for retirement to debt payment concentration. I’ve come to believe this is the wrong answer and we made a mistake by not paying ourselves first.

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Evaluating My Disney Travel Hack



Evaluating My Disney Hack.

So, I’m on this Disneyland vacation that I’ve travel hacked a good portion of the cost. By that I mean I’ve used methods that pay me back for my purchases. I combined my travel and stays to get part of my trip for free.

I used my favorite hotel hack to get free hotels as mentioned in a previous post. So how is the trip going? Well let’s just say that Southwest Airlines, consistent as always, gave us another great flight.
One reason I like to fly Southwest is that they often throw in humor to help alleviate the cattle cluster of customers. You know what I’m talking about. They put you in a line, corralling the passengers in number order to board the plane. I prefer to pick my seat but if I’m on my game, I can usually get my choice of great seats. Sometimes I forget to check in 24 hours before take-off and get stuck boarding the plane later and that gets me stuck in the cramped torture device called the middle seat.

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Apple, A Great Stock with Plenty of Upward Movement

Apple, A Great Stock with Plenty of Upward Movement!!!


Apple, A Great Stock with Plenty of Upward Movement!!!

Apple, A Great Stock with Plenty of Upward Movement!!!

A while back I wrote a blog titled where is this market going. If you read that particular post, you would know that we talked about the bang up job insiders do manipulating the value of stocks. In my opinion, (and that’s what this post is) if you have ever invested in stock yourself you would know this: it’s very easy to pick a great stock. However, doesn’t it always seem like right after you pick said stock and invest your hard earned money, it goes down? THIS is exactly the reason Apple Computers is such an undervalued investment with plenty of upward movement left.

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Do You Really Need TV Service?




Do you really need TV service?

The title of this blog post is a question that comes up often in my home. Can we cut the cord or not?

This is a question that gets a lot of dirty looks pointed in my direction. The kids love Sponge Bob, wrestling and Family Guy. The wife says: take away my Walking Dead and you will be dead. What’s a guy to do?

My big addiction is the news. I spend all day locked away from civilization and don’t have a clue what the hell is going on in the real world. Really, nothing is going on in the world that someone wouldn’t be talking about anyway. I just enjoy watching the sportscast, the weather and the daily dumb shit (aka the news). Think about it, nothing really happens on most days. Ultimately, I feel that I don’t need the television.

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